AVG Polymers
Branding for a start up, dealing in distribution of plastics and polymers. The logo design represents 'growth' as well as the polymers or plastic particles, all composed in the shape of letter 'A'.
Brand Identity and Packaging Design for a premium organic green tea brand. The designs have been kept very elegant yet approachable in essence, so that the company's mission of healthy living can be fused with chic and elegant appeal.
Indian Peace & Unity Festival
Branding Design for a youth festival in Indian to help young Indians connect with each other's culture, history and challenges.
Visual Identity Design for a young manufacturer and distributor brand, dealing in wireless bluetooth speakers, headsets and other music and car accessories. The logo design is a representation of the words Insta (meaning instant) and play button.
a miscellaneous collection of bold jewelry pieces, to add celebration and individuality to your every day life.
Burger Vurger
Brand Identity and Packaging Design for a take-away fast food restaurant start-up. The logo design is a line art drawing of the burger, and the same is extended to design icons for chips/fries and drinks. The overall design presents a young, bright and vibrant brand.
Fresh N'Up
brand. The design is kept simple yet vibrant. The abstract shapes of the fruit along-with the matching colors make it easy to differentiate between each flavor.
Furniture Paradise
Branding for a bespoke furniture store. The logo is a combination of the letters 'F' and 'P' in a 3D form, to give it a distinct and vibrant look. The colors used are very vibrant based upon the furniture that the store sells.
Jaipur International Festival
Print Design for a vibrant and lively theatre festival in Jaipur, India.
Rubbish by A2M
T-shirt designs
Brand Identity and Print Design for a ethnic wear marketplace event in India. We have deliberately stayed away from the conventional floral motifs and kept the design very geometrical and pattern like.
Urban Oasis
Minimal Branding for a modern Spa classes business. The logo is an abstract reconstruction of a peacock feather in line art style. The minimal look is extended to the stationary and packaging design as well.
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