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One Day at a Time ...

Don't mistake somebody's best as what they do all the time. One has to go through a lot of junk to get to something good.

And that is where being persistent proves to be a major saving factor. In today's time of carefully curated realities, at least on social media, you do begin to compare your life with others, whether they are more successful than you are, more happy than you are.

But what we do forget is that we all have good and bad days in life and people don't share the bad as much as they share the good, the achievements, the success stories. It does not mean that they hadn't had to go through struggles or are still not facing problems in life.

Hence instead of focusing on other's best, try to focus on your everyday. Because it is this 'everyday effort' of yours that will eventually bring out your best.

One day at a time!

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