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Begin, Start, Do it ...

I still remember my first project as a freelancer, it was for $5 and I was up all night editing these 50 plus images for a jewelry brand.

It wasn't like I was in high school or fresh out of college. I must have been 24 or 25 years old (What was I doing before this that led me to this point?...long story, will share in some other post)

So here I was, editing image after image to complete this project. Now the $5 was not the motivating factor, of course it had to be something much bigger than that, and so it was.

The need to prove myself that I can do it, I can build a career in design and to regain the lost confidence from a few previous experiences in life.

The passion that I had for this field and the belief and faith that was still left in me to start again was what helped me in not looking this job as small or low by any standard, for me it was an achievement, a beginning and the sun that next day felt like had ended the darkest night of my life.

But what an experience it was.

The biggest take away from this experience that I have is to understand the importance of just doing the thing that you want to do.


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