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Make Stuff Without Judging It ...

More often than not, we tend to question our own choices that can lead to a lot of madness hidden inside us, not getting the platform or means to come out and play.

As designers we need to have a free flow of imagination, free flow of emotions to become one with the design that we are working on.

Of course it is different from art and we can't get too indulgent in the process, hence we need to trust our instincts more and create designs without fearing the outcome in terms of the likes, appreciations or approvals it will get.

Make informed decisions and help people see the good in your design. We must remember that we are surrounded by bad design and living with it, our acceptance of good design is also very limited.

It becomes our job as designers to inform and educate the world about good design and not make it the other way round, where we are bogged down by how the clients will like our designs.

Share your views on this constant living in fear of JUDGEMENT.

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