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Help Yourself First ...

We spend a lot of time and energy in solving other people's problems, but we don't do that for ourselves.

The operations, the processes and the day to day functioning of a business is as crucial as your final output. I have struggled with deadlines, pending followups, late payments, and what not and in fact still do at times, but one has to realize this is an operations problem. And one has to focus on developing a clear process to make things function smoothly and let you work on designing part with much more ease and less stress.

I am in between of preparing those processes for my business and will share an update of how it is coming along, the challenges that came across and how we tried to resolve those.

Share your opinions as well and as I said, focus on solving your problems first, satisfy your business needs and demands.

It is okay, rather important, to take some time out from client work and work on your own business.

Remember; there are no victims only volutneers in business.

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