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We provide high quality graphic design services that cover your entire business needs. With more than 5+ years of expertise in the field of international graphic design, we can provide your business with stunning graphic designs that help strengthen your brand image across different communication channels.

Flyer / Leaflet / Poster / Print Ad Design (single-sided)


Flyer / Leaflet / Poster / Print Ad Design (dual-sided)


Brochure / Catalogue Design (4 pages)


Brochure / Catalogue Design (8 pages)


Brochure / Catalogue Design (subsequent pages) (per page)


Signage / Billboard / Hoarding / Banner Design (starts from)


Standing Banner Design


Presentation slides (up to 5 pages)


Presentation slides (5-10 pages)


Presentation slides (subsequent pages) (per page)


Newsletter / Mailer Design (print / email)


Illustration / Info-graphic / (starts from)


Web / Social Media graphic (starts from) (per design)


Web / Social Media graphics (12 graphics per month)


Web / Social Media graphics (16 graphics per month)


Web / Social Media graphics (20 graphics per month)


Web / Social Media graphic (subsequent graphics) (per graphic)


Packaging Design (contact for a customized quote) (starts from)


Trade Show Booth (starts from)


  • Prices are in US$

  • Prices are job to job. - Estimates will be raised for all jobs. Artwork will be delivered only after approval of estimates.

  • Above are only artwork costs for originals.

  • Modifications or size adaptations requested by client will be charged @25% on the original rate card size.

  • Illustrations, specialized graphics, pictures/visuals would be charged extra on the basis of estimate raised before commencing the job.

How we

do it?

Our first priority is to understand your organization: its mission, vision, target markets, corporate culture, competitive advantage, strengths and weaknesses, marketing strategies, and challenges for the future. Then, we start the creative design process and create an on-target result that resonates with your consumers. The final phase is about refinement and design development to delivery of mechanical production ready files. 

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