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New Incentives is a non-profit that uses cash transfers to save lives. "All babies are equal".

New Incentives Logo.png

Brand Statement

Project Background

New Incentives is the world’s first and only nonprofit dedicated to Conditional Cash Transfers (CCTs). Conditional Cash Transfers are small sums of money that individuals in need can earn after meeting various education and health benchmarks such as school attendance or clinic visits. The project consists of developing a visual identity that communicates clearly what 'New Incentives' is, to the donors as well as to the beneficiaries. 


GiveWell, GoodVentures, Lampert Family Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Y Combinator, REG Charity


To help the brand convey it's credibility, trustworthiness and expertise in the field of conditional cash transfers through visual identity.

Look & Feel

Credible, Trustworthy, Focused, Honest, Impactful, Inspiring

Design Requirements

Logo Design, Brand guide, Business cards, letterhead, envelope design, print and digital application.


Awaiting input...

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